Spacious 28 sqm. live room

Sound-proof & Acoustically designed

World famous microphones

API analogue recording console

Classic outboard compressors and effects

Digital (Pro Tools) & Analogue Tape

Loads of vintage instruments available

Isolation room for amps and instruments

Crane for easy load-in of equipment

Fully refurbished 2015

Comfortable, creative atmosphere

Fresh Espresso coffee


Racks full of the world's best analogue compressors, effects & eq.

Brand new API 32 channel analogue mixing console. Made in USA.

Worldclass, industry standard monitoring in a soundproof, acoustically designed control room.

Digital (Pro Tools) & Analogue Tape.

All equipment fully serviced and maintained by Sydney's top tech.

Fully refurbished in 2015.

Client-attended mixing sessions as well as unattended mixing.


You're already well on the way with your recordings, but you're looking for a good studio to do some over-dubbing? Look no further. One Flight Up can give your tracks what they need with our vintage instruments, classic microphones and world-class analogue recording console.


Need a Producer to make your music happen? We've got some of Australia's best.


Need a session musician to play on your recordings? Whether it's Drums, Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals or Keys, we've got you covered. Contact us and tell us what you need.