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One Flight Up is a world-class music production studio in Sydney, Australia.

One Flight Up is packed full of the world's best vintage and modern audio gear, including a 32 channel API analogue mixing console (USA) with Barefoot & Tannoy monitors.


Our racks are packed with classic outboard gear from Pultec, Urei, Neve, dbx, Manley, Universal Audio, Avalon, Lexicon and loads more.


Our Microphone cabinet is stocked full of classic microphones, and we have a beautiful collection of vintage guitars, amps & more.


All our studio equipment is regularly serviced and maintained.

More about the studio...

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the perfect space for making records

One Flight Up is set in a deluxe private location in St Peters. Surrounded by lush gardens, you can escape all the distractions of the world and realise your creativity in a relaxed atmosphere, free from interruption.


The studio is powered by solar panels and the entire building has been retro-fitted with acoustic grade, highly-insulated double glazing throughout, making it one of the most eco-friendly creative spaces in Sydney.