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One Flight Up is a world-class music production studio in Sydney, Australia.

One Flight Up brings together a truly epic recording studio and the expertise of multi-platinum Producer/Engineer Tim Carr.

We work with musicians and producers to make your tracks truly world-class.


We can take you through the whole recording process from start to finish, or just help with certain parts of your production like Vocal Recording, Instrument/Amp Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

We have the equipment, expertise and experience to take your music to a global level.

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Set in a deluxe private location in St Peters, One Flight Up is surrounded by lush gardens, helping you escape all the distractions of the world and realise your creativity in a relaxed atmosphere.


The studio is powered by solar panels and the entire building has been retro-fitted with acoustic-grade insulated glazing, making it one of the most eco-friendly creative spaces in Sydney.

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