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Neumann U47 microphone


Your vocals need to sound absolutely killer to shine through and capture the attention of your audience.

But it's the number one thing producers struggle to get right in home studios.


That's where we can help.

We have world-famous microphones, a soundproof & acoustically treated vocal booth, and most importantly the experience & expertise to deliver absolutely world-class vocal recordings.

Quickly, and affordably.

GSS 7.jpeg
Instrument Recording


Producers can do so much at home with today's technology.

But achieving great recordings of instruments like acoustic guitars...


or capturing the sweet tone from a loud guitar amplifier...


These are some of the hardest things to do outside a proper recording studio.


That's where we can help. With our collection of world-famous microphones, sound-proof & acoustically treated recording booth, and above all experience & expertise, we can deliver absolutely stunning instrument recordings. Quickly, and affordably.


Studio with Engineer Tim Carr.

Half day (4 hours)  $350 +gst


Full day (8 hours)   $600 +gst

Recording Rates
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