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Since opening in 2015, One Flight Up has been regarded as one of the best recording studios in Sydney.

-  Acoustically treated with superb monitoring.

-  An incredible collection of the world's finest recording equipment, including our 32 channel API mixing console (made in USA), and six equipment racks packed with compressors, EQ, pre-amps and effects.

-  An extensive collection of classic Microphones.

-  Loads of great guitars, basses, keyboards & amps.

-  Comfortable and spacious with a relaxed, creative vibe.

-  All equipment fully serviced and maintained.


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Studio Gear



API 1608 32 channel analogue recording & mixing console. Made in USA.

32 x 312 mic pe-amps

24 x 550A EQs

8 x 560 EQs



Barefoot Micromain 27

Tannoy Gold 8



Apple Mac Pro Trash Can
Pro Tools Ultimate
Apogee Symphony mk II (32 ch I/O)
Extensive plugin collection: UAD, Waves etc



MCI JH-110 - 2 track
Otari MTR-10 - 2 track

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Our purpose-built isolation room is designed for clean, tight vocal recording, as well as comfortably accommodating musicians with instruments and amplifiers.

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