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His records are ARIA award-winning & multi-platinum selling.

Meet Tim Carr, Head Producer at One Flight Up.

What artists/bands have you worked with?

More than I could list (memory permitting). Domestic and well known: Mere Women, Totally Unicorn, We Lost The Sea, Adrift For Days, Serious Beak, Le Pie.

Bigger names: Jay Z, Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Matt Corby, Julia Stone. Second tier: Vydamo (solo project of Jim Finn (AVS)), Jenny Queen, Bag Raiders, Muscles, Urthboy, The Herd.


What got you into Producing/Engineering?

Being told 'no' by studio engineers, wanting to prove them wrong for being unable to think outside of a box. Also: Dr Dre's work on The Chronic, Steve Albini's work on all Shellac records, and the fact I was only ever happy when I had control over my sonic visions, [which is] not something performing seemed to let me do.


Are you a musician?

Well, no not traditionally speaking. I've had violin and piano lessons but I suck at that now. I have done a few courses and studied at SAE, but I always focused more on the whole concept as opposed to the musicians' place within said concept. I can play most instruments (not brass) to varying degrees of success, mostly self taught. My Dad taught me drums and got me into playing music. I've done the band thing many times, [but] I feel like I'm more of a spirit animal for other musicians now. When I was 18 I'd have said 'yes' [I'm a musician] for sure, but I know my lane now and I stay in it.

What would you say is your approach towards making a record?

I don't really have one specific approach, I roll with the waves. But I guess there's a few boxes I like to tick: do I like this music? Can I add to it? Try not to blow it!  I generally just need to know the people I'm making records with are invested and can actually deliver their end of the project. Really

I just try and find artists I gel with, and I like to think I join the band/act for a few months. I'm invested like they are, from both my own and the artists' POV.


What kind of clients are you looking to work with?

Nice smelling, preferably with actual moneys! I'm not so much genre specific, I look for clients that understand what I do is art and equally important to their process as the music they have written. I love where music is at today - it's a mash up of whatever the hell people want to do. There is no real need to be protective or over-zealous about 'rules' or 'purity'. I'm happy to be part of a massively transient medium that is currently undergoing an intense boundary test. So essentially: anyone who can bring that heat and keep it chill.


What are some of the best sessions you've done?

I set up a studio in a cool store one summer and made records for Mere Women and Twin Haus. That was pretty fun and yielded some great results. I once assisted on a Russell Crowe gig at 301 and I gotta say that was pretty wild. Some good story material for my book. Jay Z was another milestone. I met Beyoncé and Rihanna and got to hear Dr Dre beats before the rest of the world. We Lost The Sea have always made for some Memorable sessions and amazing music to boot.


If you'd like to work with Tim Carr, drop us a line.

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